Programmer’s Music v2 (beta) is here!

Curated Music Playlists & Livestream for Programmers

Curated and Instrumental Music.
For you to get work done.

With Programmer’s Music…

You can listen to curated, non-vocal and distraction-free music playlists to increase your productivity and focus while coding/programming. Purely instrumental music from more than 15 genres along with Pomodoro time management technique that gets you in the zone. We add more genres and tracks every week.

Programmer’s Music v2 takes focus to the next level!

🎶 Create your own playlists

Create your own playlist to group your favourite music in a single place.

💕 Love what you like

Don’t let that favourite track get lost. Heart it to build your own curated list.

👩‍💻 Part of the community

Become a part of a community of programmers by following each other if your music taste is alike.

⏳ Manage focus time

No matter which productivity system you love. There is a timer to manage your focus time all day around.

Build your own playlists 🎶

Find. Add. Like. Follow.

With new Programmer’s Music you can take your music curation to the next level by following other programmers’ playlists your building your custom playlist from your favourite tracks.

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Why Programmer’s Music?

As a developer, we have endless battles to fight a nagging Project Manager, an annoying Intern, distracting cubicle neighbour, productivity measuring Manager, noisy passer by and so on. With such a distraction-rich environment, we are expected to write bug-free, high-quality code powering the next BIG thing in the least amount of time! How?

Exactly. We all are looking for the holy grail of distraction-free work desks, but scientists are still working around the clock to invent them! In the meantime, we have taken some time off from our regular day jobs and decided solve this problem.

Challenges around finding the right music…

We asked our team to suggest their own remedies to rectify the issue at hand. They all answered unanimously that they listen to their favourite music to block out unwanted interruptions and noises. We thought that’s great.

Given there wasn’t a single place to listen to music without having to skip, customise and spend time looking for that ideal playlist, we realized that to try, find and create your own playlist came with different challenges.

And time management…

We also noted in our interviews that productivity is also dependent on time and while most of our team members use different time management methods to keep their backlog lean, some didn’t use any methods.

After conducting research, we sat together to create a solution, which is quick to create but can help block distractions and increase productivity.

In the end, this is what we built…

We are glad to introduce ‘Programmer’s Music’ web app for all the developers out there. Programmer’s Music is a handpicked, curated source of music for programming with Pomodoro timer.

  • Playlists for 36 most popular music genres and more gets added every week
  • All instrumental music tracks without ads causing zero distraction
  • Custom timer to adopt to your own time management style
  • Bell alarms to let you know when the timer starts and when it’s time to stretch and take a break.

Tell us what you think of v2 beta

Happy New Year, fellow Programmers! We have now migrated to a new web hosting platform. 🎉 Let us know if you experience any issues by sharing feedback. 🙏🖖