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More focus, more productivity - Get 2x work done in less time.

Listen to curated, non-vocal and distraction-free music playlists to increase your productivity and focus while coding/programming. Purely instrumental music from more than 15 genres along with Pomodoro time management technique that gets you in the zone. We add more genres and tracks every week. Listen, focus and enjoy!

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I found a way to be productive. lets ignore all distractors and use your phone in a specific times of work not the whole time. everything you need is opening your browser and go to the lovely `` site
It's like every pomodoro timer you find but you can access music at the same time. It's really easy to use.
If you want to be highly motivated listen Programmer’s Music everywhere! :)
Programmer's music paves the way to flow and focus
Music to drown out the constant chatter of colleagues and friends.
Instrumentals that are familiar and relaxing, but varied enough as to not pull your focused.
A wide selection of instrumental music to fit your mood, whether you need something chill or high intensity, with a customizable timer to let you get into the flow without worrying about time.


As a developer, we have endless battles to fight a nagging Project Manager, an annoying Intern, distracting cubicle neighbor, productivity measuring Manager, noisy passerby and so on. With such a distraction-rich environment, we are expected to write bug-free, high-quality code powering the next BIG thing in the least amount of time! How?

Exactly. We all are looking for the holy grail of distraction-free work desks, but scientists are still working around the clock to invent them! In the meantime, we have taken some time off from our regular projects at Mavin Studio and decided to take our shot at this problem.


We asked our team to suggest their own remedies to rectify the issue at hand. They all answered unanimously that they listen to their favorite music to block out unwanted interruptions and noises. We thought that’s great.

The next question made us realize that we are still far from the solution. Most of our team members mentioned that there is not a single place they access to listen to their music, but many. We also discovered that not all playlists were great and they had to skip and switch to other playlists from bookmarks. Playlists were from SoundCloud, Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Radio and so on. It was obvious that switching from one playlist to other was also a kind of distraction. Moreover, some playlists are 20 minutes long and some are 2 hours long. So, you end up queuing multiple playlists and so on.

We realized that to try, find and create your own playlist came with different challenges. One may fall under the spell of enticing Internet and click away from one site to another falling victim to baits! Some may hate ads on the free music radios and some feared that measuring Managers may spot them wandering on Spotify/SoundCloud/Youtube and judge you.

Another fact is that productivity is also dependent on time and while most of our team members use different time management methods to keep their backlog lean, some didn’t use any methods.

After conducting research, we sat together to create a solution, which is quick to create but can help block distractions and increase productivity.


We are glad to introduce ‘Programmer’s Music’ web app for all the developers out there. Programmer’s Music is a handpicked, curated source of music for programming with Pomodoro timer.

Here is the overview of the features:

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Together we can make Programmer's Music one-stop-solution for the distraction-free work environment that can serve every programmer in the world. Please feel free to contribute using our 'feedback' feature. Here’s what would we love to hear from our community:

Thank you: We would like to thank our alpha users for suggesting great suggestions. You guys have been great help and inspiration.

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